Spirathon's Debut Album

“Great melodic instincts and interesting vocals, expressive and unique in tone.”


“You will make a deeper impact within the footprints we made in the 60s”

Maureen Zabel, Graphic Artist

“This title will get the crowd's attention.. especially the audiences that used to go to Phish concerts.”


“Neil Young and The Grateful Dead, these are the 2 artists I hear most in Stephen Jeffery’s singing…great song writing.”

Ed Saddler, singer/guitarist, Fear Zero

“One of this year’s most original projects. A breath of fresh air amidst a sea of corporate clones.”

Yannis Fyssas, mastering engineer, (Avril Lavigne, Dido)

“These songs are crafted well, cohesive and evoke good emotion.”


“The album has a lively pop-rock sheen supplied by producer Kevin Kane that shows diversity as well as ambition. Quiet, reflective moments mingle with a shimmering rock and instrumental soundscape”

Tom Harrison, The Province

“Melody line and superb musical and vocal performances really draw me into the recording.”


“A trippy recording with clever arrangements and production”

Ryen Froggatt, mixing engineer, (Neko Case, Grapes of Wrath)